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Saturday, June 18, 2005

We buy more furniture.

Weekend number two and we go shopping again. Friday night afterwork before going out with G's friends, we go and buy the Tempur-pedic mattress at a shop across the street at the mall. Decent deal: No tax, two free pillows and free delivery. We can't wait to get the new bed! But we must. Today, back to the Indesign Furnishings to look at the bed frame again and with measuring tape and bedroom layout. Bed position is pretty much determined from bedroom layout that was done yesterday night in Microspot Interiors. (Room modeling software) Gives us a good idea of layout and feel with less time than a scale 3 dimensional drawing. Finally decide that the bed is a good size and will do. It's the one we both like best and it's going to be the right size. So, we put down the money and also get another chair. Most of the furniture that we don't have to assemble are now purchased. Pretty much well on the way. So we are here, must get our ass moving and get picking paint colours for the bedroom and paint it. More furniture to buy and assemble soon too. Most of the planning is now done. I think the hard work is starting. I can't tell if I'm excited or just more overwhelmed. But G is in a better mood since we're buying things.


Paint, Episode 3

I was home alone on Friday so I was responsible for putting on more coats of the sample colours. We came to three conclusions: 1. One of the colours which need a tinted primer so annoying to work with since it's so transparent. 2. The regular paint is heavenly since you paint it on and it barely needs a coat to be done. 3. G says I'm stingy with the paint. Oh Boy. Upon further coats of paint and a trip to Eq3 to double check the loveseat swatch colour, the living room choices are basically set. The bedroom is still in discussion.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Paint, Episode 2

Read Episode 1 first... I'm about to look up the colours in the US to try to find my missing colour. G turns to me after winning his game and says: "Hey, I thought you were painting?!" Me: "I thought you were painting!." I'm laughing. Me: "I'll put this in my blog." G shuts off game and goes gets ready to paint. G: "Seriously, I thought you were painting!" G: "The hard part would be getting the lid open." That last line is in here as "Ode to Marc".

Paint, episode 1

So we want to buy some paint to try out to make sure we like the colours before the major commitment since we're not painting the place white or off white. First we look at Home Depot and at Ralph Lauren Paints. Very vibrate and nice colour selection. We picked out the colours we liked and wanted to get samples to try out. Hoping not to waste a trip, I call Home Depot 1 (location to be hidden to protect all parties). It took forever but I finally get to talk to the paint department and they don't have the paint samples in stock. G: "Let's try the 'Home Depot 2' store. The other one might not have stock, it's too ghetto man." Meaning to call the one closer to us not the one we went to last time. It takes very long time and the lady picks up the phone and I ask her to check if she's got the colours. And she calls me back in 5 minutes taking down my info. She calls back and tells me she's pulled the colours for me. I'm really impressed and we went to the store. You know there's more to this.... We get to this store, turns out to be much closer to us than first thought and this store is so much nicer!! G: "This one's newer, that other one is much older." He explains, doesn't dwell on the 'ghetto-ness' of the other one. And the paint lady finds me and she's pulled the paint chips for me! Not paint samples!!! Oh well. While I appreciate the effort but totally lament that if I was in the states still, I'd be able to order the samples online. We decide against waiting until I come back from my trip (having ordered the samples to be sent to me in the states) because we really need to get going on the painting. Few weekends left in the summer. So, off to Benjamin Moore store as I'm certain we can find similar colours to what we wanted. We immediately went to work and got picking colours and we got pretty close pretty quickly. (Two for the bedroom, two for the living room/hall.) BUT, they don't have the pot samples yet! We might have to wait a few weeks for them to come in so, we decided against it and went for a small liter size cans. Bigger than we need, but if the colours are right, which we suspect they are, we'll have paint for when we need it anyway. We get three out of four colours and we're ready to paint tonight. I'll have to put in more work in the next few days to paint all the coats. Especially since we are not using the proper primer on some of them which need it. I'll need to use more coats to get the same colour effect. G says to me in the car that he wants us to get two of the colours up tonight, I tell him I think he's optimistic. As I'm typing, he's currently playing video games. I'm not nagging since we got the paint samples and I'm happy. He hasn't played in ages. Poor boy, I'm driving him crazy. (Okay, it's mutual, I just hope Jenny's right about the 6 months thing.) I also get the B. M. Colour book. It's "on loan" for if it turns out we don't like these colours we'll have the palette with us to decide on the shade variations. However, I love having all the colours, and I might just keep it :) hee hee. (It's just so cool to have!!!) One of the colours we picked can't be done up in a liter can to colour accuracy so we're waiting for the colour to come in the smaller pots. I'm going to try to hunt one down when I'm in the US if this is one of the colours that are the same across the 49th parallel. In the mean time, I've taped together a bunch of paint chips to a bigger chip and it's taped to the wall until the morning. In this light, it looks good so far, so we'll see.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Update: Travel Plans

Just got the tickets, will be in New York (providing I'm able to clear Homeland Security Screening) Wednesday June 22, Evening to Wednesday June 29, noon.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Top lists

G and I are having dinner and we talk about top restaurants. G's Toronto list: 1. Scaramouche 2. Mistura 3. Kumai Sushi 4. Green Bamboo restaurant (Pho) 5. Blue Stone Bistro I don't have much of a list but here's my Toronto list: 1. Mistura 2. Scaramouche 3. Le Montmartre (This is where we were having dinner.) 4. Lone Star Texas Grill 5. Richtree Market Restaurant My New York list: 1. Sushi of Gari 2. Quatorze Biz 3. Candle 79 4. Ruth's Chris Steak House 5. Popover Cafe Made just about no decorating progress today. Yesterday I managed to layout and price the bathroom and the foyer closet. Tonight's homework: bedroom closet.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Love Seat and Ottoman

We valiantly braved intense heat, 40º humid-ex in shorts and tanks and head shopping on Saturday. The two stores we went to in North York was a let down. Blvd Interiors had nothing we wanted. And while we found a bed of interest at De Boers, any place with a no photography policy immediately goes to the bottom of my list. Unless you're allowing me to walk out with a photo or brochure of the product of interest to me, or allow photos, you're a store that's too insecure about your pricing to care about your customers. I don't need you! Well, they are still on the list, bottom, but haven't fallen off list. But boy, the second she told me of their store policy, immediately my feelings for the place changed. Given my advance scouting shopping on Thursday where I've basically located contender pieces, G and I went and checked out the stores at King Street East. We head into stores that I didn't get to see on the week day even the relative late hour, but did not find anything we really wanted. So, we concentrate on EQ3 and Indesign Furnishings, where I had found pieces that I really wanted and needed to run them by G. I'm happy to report that all pieces that I liked, he liked, and we even came to decision on two pieces. Glad to have decided on something and in about 6 weeks or so, they'd have made it for us from Winnipeg and we'll get our furniture. Exciting. And I'm going to rave about this store because the sales people were really helpful and not pushy as they don't work on commission. Anyone will and can help you. You are welcomed in and given space to look around but not too much that you feel as if they don't care. They are right there when you have questions. They were helpful and patient when you are looking at combinations, and pricing and fabrics. We wanted to move the store display around to try out different furniture combinations, "Sure no problem." Even when I'm thinking about pieces, they'll happily print me information about the pieces so I can make an informed decision. If only all stores worked like that. But you know what? This neighbourhood place caters to younger, modern crowd with a lot of designers in the neighbourhood. The shopping know-how and experience is completely different than the more traditional stores where they deal with a different clientele. I'm not that clientele, I don't want to be treated like that. I'm glad some research got me the proper shopping district and styles. Style At Home


Friday, June 10, 2005

I go to Canada Revenue and Customs; aka Getting my boxes

I get the call yesterday from the moving company that my truck has arrived and they gave me my total move cost. I'm happy to report that the lady who did the phone interview with me to do the estimate was really good. She was pretty much dead on with the number of boxes estimate and the weight. I come in under the estimate price and I'm happy. It's expensive, but for having the movers pack and move and then put into storage. It wasn't too bad. Bolliger Inc. We confirm that this morning we could head out to their warehouse and to Canada Revenue station and clear my things out of customs hold. The paper work was easy and all in all didn't take too long. I ride with the warehouse manager to the office. Right by the airport which makes sense given all the stuff that gets cleared out of there. So that's what they mean when they say the office is in Mississauga! Of course. Canada Border Services Agendy The ride was short but long enough that people do try to make small talk. So, I answer his questions and politely ask some. I am so bad at small talk. Of course, they ask how long I lived in New York. And inevitably the conversation and the small talk about 9-11. A topic that makes me totally uncomfortable. I guess for everyone around the world, it's a big event to discuss, but I can't help but think that you can never quite explain to someone, nor do you want to explain to total strangers, what it means and how it feels to have lived it. Being covered in building. Washing it out of your hair at the end of day. But in some ways, it also isn't totally memorable only negatively. I am glad that if I had to have experienced it, I did it with dear friends. It's a bond that I believe you'll never lose. shout out to Jocelyn and Marc 9-11 Commission Report In any case, Gary and I drive back with my three near use boxes. I'm very happy to have more clothes and even more importantly, more shoe selection! Just in time to go out for a nice dinner with his family. At least I can wear a decent outfit and wear girly shoes. I'm happy to also report that airtunes base station plugs into the network here just in a snap and I'm wireless. I love my MAC. Apple


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So who am I really?

So, I'm reading the list of You know you're from New York when and laughing since I get it. Then I go and see if I can identify with the You know you're from Toronto when and don't identify with 90% of it. I can't figure if I should be saddened by this, or happy. I think I'll be outwardly sad but secretly happy. I'd like to think since I spent my formative adult years in New York, I'll be a New Yorker forever.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm not worthy. Subtitle: No Job = Nobody

Library I managed to get my library card today and immediately went to raid their Home Decor section. I walked out with a bunch of books on colour, painting, decor tips etc. Hoping I can start reading them and seeing if I can absorb the information quickly and put it into immediate good use in this apartment. The branch library is quite small and has few of the books I'm looking for. I'm definitely going to make sure of the online library web page. Got to put books on hold and get them moved to my branch for pick up. Toronto Public Library Bank We did manage to get the bank account opened but credit card is going to be an issue for me since I don't have a job. Me: "So how do people who are independently wealthy get a credit card?" Banker: "People who are... wealthy?" (Concept seems foreign to him.) Me: "Yeah, people who don't have a job." Banker. No answer. Again, I think he doesn't understand the concept. So, there's no way to see how I've got a great credit score in the US and currently I've no credit cards in Canada and no hope of getting one. They don't seem to like me not working. I guess this is just a sign of how if you don't have a job, but have money, you are still nobody. And just to clarify I'm not independently wealthy.

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Move Update

Well, it's been quite an exciting few days that's for sure. I'll do this chronologically and you'll see what I mean. After dinner on Thursday:went home and pack and surf and etc. Next thing I know, I look at the clock it was 1:30 am. Which was surprising but okay. I keep going, then 3:30 am. Oh! got to get to bed, but told myself this was okay since I could sleep until about 10 since the movers won't be coming until afternoon. Go to sleep. Friday: 7:05 a.m. Movers are here!!!!!!!! I'm groggy and I told them to go away for an hour, they're way too early. I call gary and he kept telling me to get up and deal with the movers saying if I send them away they won't come back. I got all mad at him because that's ridiculous and he wasn't supporting me at all. I could barely stand, I couldn't be directing moving and packing! Haven't had coffee or food etc, no way this was going work. I wake up all mad at him and hung up. 8:30 a.m. Gary looks up the number for the movers and calls them and tells them they didn't call to change the time on me and they need to come back in the afternoon. I call them too to confirm that they'll come back at noon. 9 a.m. go to sleep. 9:30 a.m. my mover sales person calls to confirm the move. I groggily tell her that yes, but there was a mix up and they'll come back later. 10:30 a.m. Get up. amazing what another hour of sleep was enough to get me going. go for breakfast, read a book. I'm completely normal by the time noon comes along and they start packing. noon. Two really adorably cute young men in their twenties show up. (wow!!) and they are my movers. and start to pack up stuff. noon - 5:30 p.m.. They pack, I bite my lip and stand around. Occasionally guarding the truck when they are loading. I'm directing them to what to pack and what not to. I'm grabbing things from their hands to 'lose'. (like an ugly doll my mom gave me ages ago.) Very often mentally freaking out about the fact that I've got soooooo much stuff! I could barely believe it. I could, but thank goodness I wasn't doing it myself. that would have been insane. Sometime here Gary calls. Friends from work call to see if I'm freaking out (of course I am) 5:30 p.m.. They go away, I sign a document saying I've got just under 50 boxes/items. breakdown: 10-15% clothes. 50-60% books/magazines. 5% kitchen 4% bathroom 20-30% stash (yarn, xs, art, etc). Mentally freak out some more, and sit around in empty apt. 7:30 p.m. meet Terry for dinner. 10 p.m. cab home to deal with being in empty apt and last of my packing for my two suitcases. (Apt is totally creeping me out) 1-3 am try to sleep. can't do it. apt is creeping me out. there's a lot of noise, and I keep picturing mice. I play music on my computer hoping it would work. It does eventually. Saturday:5:10 am drag my ass out of bed. should have got up 10 minutes ago, but one of the alarms didn't seem to have been working. Pack up last minute stuff. 5:50 a.m. The driver is here! try to move my suitcases down the stairs without waking up all my neighbours. Mildly successful. Poor neighbours. 6:15 a.m. I'm at the airport checking in. struggling a little with my suitcases. Get to the counter. 6:20 a.m. counter person trying to get me to remove some items from my carry on so that it would be under the weight limit of 22 lbs or I'd have to check it. I take out the laptop and it makes little difference, I'm still 7 lbs over. There's nothing I can remove to make up for 7 lbs. I'm begging her to help me out. I can't check this carry on as it's all electronics. "Is there anything you can suggest or do for me? I'm moving home! I can't leave this or check it..." I'm trying to take out the two pieces of clothing, knowing it'll do nothing. She takes pity and gets an exemption and tags the bag as overweight and lets me through. (in the mean time, all this seems to be happening as an out of body experience as I'm so tired and can't believe I'm moving.) 7-8:30. sit around and read a magazine and eat breakfast. then finally get on the plane and fall asleep and take off. as I'm half sleeping. the air stewardess are going around saying "would you like to buy some food?" it's all strange even in my sleep. The seats on this plane is the worst I've sat on in 10 years. They are shallow and short so that even a short person like myself felt like I was being pushed off the seat. Thank goodness it was only an hour flight. 10 a.m. or so. I'm in line for the customs check. and of course, I'm in the slowest moving line. I'm 7 deep and last one in my line, and two other lines are opening up. While people in front of me was complaining and chatting, I move to the empty line and they finally wake up and take note start to do the same. 10:05 a.m. Talking to very good looking male customs person. "I think I'm filling out the declaration incorrectly. If I'm moving home and I've got movers with things coming, does that count as "goods being shipped"?" "yes." He marks my card correctly and tells me I have to talk to other customs people with my inventory and they'll give me papers for not paying duty on my goods. I'm still groggy and not comprehending. "I thought I had to do that when my boxes gets here." "yes, and you'll use these papers to get the boxes out of customs.". "oh. okay." 10:10 - 10:30 a.m. I'm talking to nice customs lady about the paper work on my move. She: "You have to tell me how much your items are worth for the paperwork.". Me: "uh... I don't know." She: "do you want to estimate. I'll give you my calculator to add it up." Me: "resale value or replacement value?" She (confused): "how about what you insured it for?" (Easy)Me: "$#0000" She goes away. I'm standing there with my suitcase thinking this is so strange. She comes back: Do you remember what date you left? Me (easy): "July 1, 1998". She: "wow... that's easy to remember." (lesson for future reference, always move on a national holiday like Canada Day for all future easy reference.) Finally leave customs and Gary picks me up. We went home and tried to unpack, eat some food etc. Had to try to get errands done asap, so we went to the bank to try to open a joint account. RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Branch: We tell lady #1 we'd like to open a joint bank account. Gary is already got an account, so I need to fill out paperwork. So I sit there doing that. We discuss how stupid this was to fill in paper work since I'm writing things someone has to type into the computer anyway. They should just let me at a computer screen. Lady #1 comes out from talking to Asian Lady and tells us that because Gary's account is in another branch, they cannot open a joint account for us. Gary: "uh?" Me (loud and incredulous): "WHAT the FUCK is this?" [I can be such a bitch.] Gary to Lady #1: "what do you mean?" Lady #1 looks shocked. Asian Lady comes out of her office since she didn't want me to tell the whole branch that they were stupid. "Why don't you come into the office and we'll discuss the options." Me: "what's the point of discussing options if you can't do it?" Gary: "what's the point?" Asian Lady: "why don't you come in and we'll talk about it..." Gary and I lament and give in and sit in office. turns out Lady #1 was incompetent and didn't understand the concept of new joint account != adding name to existing account. However then it turns out they can't open a new account for us since gary's got an account at another branch and we need to do everything with his representative. One stop convenience banking. (Oh yeah, bullshit, this was really convenient.) We leave. Me (walking out of the door): I feel like I moved into hick town. Gary: I'm in shock. Go to mall to move to next errand, getting me a cell phone, so I've got some contacts and don't feel so lost. This errand was very slow going, however I did manage to walk out of the mall with a new phone and knowledge that my credit score in canada appears to be in tact. Been playing with it for ages. But feel better about having a phone. Spent rest of the day in between things adding in all my numbers. Dinner with friend at Lone Star Cafe: Should have been a nonevent but it was! Highlights: 1. the place has turned into kids party and family place. the place was 80% kids (under 10) and their parents. we were all shocked. 2. two tables over, dad drops a baby practically on (her) head and the mom freaks out and cries etc. but doesn't take the baby or check on baby or beat the crap out of the dad. Just in the corner freaking out. waitress comforts her while the rest of us watch and wonder. Baby didn't cry right away but sure was screaming after the mom starts screaming. 3. not 20 minutes later, table two behind us sends a huge try of dishes to the floor. Loud crash. 4. same table does the birthday song and singing. 5. Table next to birthday table has two guys trying to eat a 74 ounce steak each (time limit an hour). 6. Waitress drops a plate of tortillas. "Damn, this is the second time I've done this, that table's never getting their food." Good thing it wasn't our food. We're amazed that our plate of hot dessert comes without spilling and none of us will be needing surgery to fix the burns. 7. We're outside chatting before getting into car, another kid (8 or so) takes a spill right in front of restaurant. (WHAT??) In the course of this meal, I manage to drop salsa down my teeshirt (without touching teeshirt, into cleavage). AND drop food on jeans. It was quite a display. Sunday: Went to Ikea to get a catalogue but they won't print one until after July when I'm hoping to be mostly done with my decor. Go around calling friends to see if we can track one down and eventually do. Grocery shopping. While on one hand I have a lot more grocery selection, I manage to find that I have less selection on things. (no fat free yogurt selection, no ready to eat purdue chicken, no fat free half and half, no skim milk that tastes like 2%.) But manage to find much more other things while shopping. We are hanging on hope that when the new grocery store opens on Wednesday at the mall across the street I'll have a much better store. Summary As you can imagine, I'm completely beside myself. I feel like I've moved to a foreign country even though it's not. But having spent really my adult life in New York, I'm finding a lot to have to adjust to.


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