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Friday, June 30, 2006

Breathe - CSS style

One of my favorite groups from the late 80's is Breathe I've been wanting to download the songs on itunes for ages but it's never on. (So I don't have to rip from my cassette...) In the meantime today I find link from Dan Cederholm's Blog that leads me to this story about one of the best parody songs ever made! Hands to Boag(mp3), a parody of Hands to Heaven by Andrew Rothman. A Must listen if you know the song and works with CSS. Also cool is the revelation that Marcus, one of the members of the band, went on to be a director of a web design company.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Knitting on a plane

G managed to get a photo of me knitting on the many flights to Asia: me This one was cast on at the airport and immediately attracted a girl about 9 or 10 who decided to come over and ask me questions about knitting and who was interested in just watching me knit. It might have been the lighting on the plane or my general restlessness, but somehow through 30 hours of travel I managed to have made less progress on my knitting than one road trip to MI. (5 hours max.). It made no sense to me, but is a good note for future travels. And while here in the middle of summer I can still knit a wool piece in air conditioning, I couldn't do it in the humidity of spring in Taipei. No progress was made on my knitting until the plane ride home. Good thing I don't live there, or I'd get very little knitting done.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Horray for Lacie!

It took just one day for the cable to arrive in my mailbox. Lacie gets top grade for providing wonderful customer support and they build a good product as well. I have the 500GB d2 big disk extreme which I think is fantastic. I'm thrilled with their customer support and highly recommend them. So if you are looking for an external drive, I say take a look at the line of Lacie products. - Happy Customer

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My dog chewed up...

Flour was very bad and while I was working decided to attack a power cable. I was concentrating on work for a few minutes and then heard her growling. When I looked to see why, I discovered the badly chewed up cable; still plugged into both the power transformer of my hard drive and the power bar. I think she gave herself a shock. She could have killed herself. Here is said cable: cable I immediately contacted technical support for the product explaining that the power cord is a fire hazard and would like to find out how to get a new one since my dog chewed up the old one. They wrote back quickly and told me that they can send me a new one and it's in the mail. I'll have to see how long before it gets here. Hopefully soon since they have a branch just on Dufferin St. in Toronto. I'll report when it gets here and let you know of the product and company. In the mean time, I'm watching Flour like a hawk to make sure she doesn't go after any more cords.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cable fix up

So good that one has to mark it for future reference. Yarn Harlot's Twisted Cable Fix.


95% recovered

Just realized that one of the Bent Creek that I finished a while ago did not get a "finish" photo: Blarney Was organizing looking through, digging through, feeling up my yarn stash and rediscovered the Mission Falls wool that I got at Frolic. I immediately did up a swatch with my Denise needles (the fact that they split my yarn all the time is starting to annoy me...) and dove into my new sweater. It's knit all in one piece from the left sleeve to right sleeve and needs really long circulars, so the denise set is just what I needed to extend the length as needed. Started it on Friday and have managed to knit up 2 balls out of 12 balls of yarn.. so I mark my progress at 1/6 on the way to completion. It will soon be too big to bring out of the house like I did this weekend to both Father's day dinners. The pattern is AV Fall 2000: Cabled Sleeve Pullover.
I have long loved Japanese woodblock prints, especially by Hiroshige. Been thinking about framing a poster of a few of the prints and putting them up on the wall. Two of our favorite purchases on our trip was at the National Museum in Tokyo were at the gift shop, they sell hand made reproductions of wood block prints from the masters. They are made in the same way as the old ones and each one unique. We came home with two of them, framed. While they were a little of a pain to bring back as they took up so much suitcase space; they look fantastic on the wall. You cannot tell from the photos, but the colours are so much more vivid and vibrant in person. The colours of the pieces also is the exact perfect match to the red on the wall, so it looks great with the black frames. I could not have asked for a better souvenir of the trip. It also helps that the purchase of the prints also help keep the tradition of this art alive which also makes me very happy. prints And while at the National Museum, this piece was one of my favorites ones that I saw: Landscapes of Izu and Miura Peninsulas.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

24 hours of no sleep + airplanes = sick

So, been back for nearly a week now from the Taipei/Tokyo trip. Lots to fill you in here, but I've been under the weather due to a bad cold with jet-lag. It makes it all so much worst. I'm slowly coming back to regular health. There's a lot to be done in terms of sorting photos and sorting scrapbook items for the scrapbook we'll eventually tackle. While I've been putting in some hours in the office, it's been difficult to concentrate and have spent a lot of my time in bed trying to sleep this cold off, or on the sofa doing mindless activities like watching tv and stitching/knitting. Another sock has been completed and another Bent Creek piece started and finished in the past week: Free Betsey, one of the zipper kits. All ready in time for 4th of July. While we don't celebrate it, I do rather like stitching for it since I rather enjoy the red white and blue colours always used. I suppose if enough people design for Bastille Day, I'd enjoy stitching for it too due to similar colour scheme. Betsey I couldn't come back from Japan without craft things of course, so I made sure there was a stop at a Tokyo Hands. Home of Clover I managed to get a bunch of nice knitting accessories at a fraction of the price. Here's the loot: books accessories I certainly wished we could have done more hunting for yarn and accessories and stitching but had to make do with what we could find without detouring from the tourist schedule. Flour spent the near two weeks at the kennel and came back a little bigger but healthy and happy. We think she had a good time there. The best part is that she managed to have remembered all her training and got back into the normal routine of things like she hadn't left. I'm rather proud of her. Here's her today sleeping in her usual spot by the door: Flour And of course, here's a photo of me in Taipei. text

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