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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Paris Recommendations Week

Paris is one of my favorite cities on the planet. It's got many of things that I enjoy in city holiday. History, Architecture, Romance, Lights, Great food, museums, great metro, walk-able, fashion, shopping just to name a few.

My previous paris recommendations list is on my old blog, I've decided to revise it to include my most recent trip of New Years 2006. People I know are going to Paris, and I want to put in my two cents. I keep a list of les bonnes adresses for myself and I'll share some of them with you in the next week.

I got so involved into it that it got quite long. I figured a series was in order. On top of the list, I'll also include some travel photos from my previous trips. Any place I've listed are strictly what I've manage to have been to and enjoyed. There's still a big list of places I'm planning to seeing in the future. Most importantly, keep your eyes and options open and make some great discoveries in your travels. (Send me some comments so I can add them to my list!)

Here's the schedule:

Bon Voyage!

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I think the list is great! I assume that shopping will include yarns and cross stitch, not just clothes and perfume?
Yay! I can't wait to see your posts! :)
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