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Friday, December 23, 2005

4 days and counting

So, today is the 23rd. I spent 8 hours at the store standing at the cashing trying to ring in everyone including the bitchy customers. Most of course are good and fine. But of course, those stories are not fun. There are the two favorites from today: 1. There is only one line at the cash. One line, 4 cashiers, who will take those next in line. There are signs that say enter and exit and ones on the wrong side that says there is only one line on the other side. This woman today, on the wrong line, decided that she was next, threw down the sign of the 'wrong line' and proclaimed that she was next and the man behind her can wait with her when informed that they were not in line. (instead of just leaving them there with no one to help them.). Of course, in the end, she still had to get in line with everyone, but just enough to piss off everyone, staff and customers a like and break a sign that had to be replaced. bitch. 2. Man who enters line, move to real line and then when I call him to me (back on the other side) to be next, proclaimed that this was totally stupid and he wasn't moving. Sure, I'll just take the woman behind you then! Bitch. Worst yet are the men who are bitches. Anyway, whatever. So, what's what. I'm waiting for dinner tonight, resting my feet. I'm exhausted. I'd like to go to bed. Dinner will be boring chinese food. Can't wait until it's over. I hope it's half decent food. Still got to pack for the trip and I've barely started. Still got xmas presents to wrap, but I think I'll put it off until tomorrow. Yes, lazy ass. Can't help it, don't function well with less than 4 hours of sleep, just like last night.


Friday, December 16, 2005

Other Shoe Droppeth

... not 5 minutes after posting the blog from the other day about the gas leak, I hear the announcement for a all building evacuation to the next building. I'm now bagging some things to entertain myself for a few hours. Didn't think about the fact that it may be over night, grab my passport and start cursing that if I was in New York, I'd have my evaculation backpack ready. I had none of the 'extras' that I might really need in case the building blows up. I didn't have time to change into street clothes but I made sure I had hat gloves and wore my sneakers and coat. However, didn't wear enough clothes for a long walk out. At least I had shoes on, not like some in slippers. G was at his karate class, so I'm left in the other building for about 1.5 hours. I played my gameboy, made progress on my scarf and grew a little restless. Low battery on my cell phone or I would have made phone calls to pass some time. As it is, I was feeling poorly and sick, and meant to be going to bed early for the night. The fire department had other ideas. Eventually G comes home, but they've blocked off the building and road from cars. There are 3 or 4 fire engines and a TTC bus for people to gather in, but we were in the rec room in the other building being okay. We decide to kill time, so I walked out to meet G at the mall across the street. On my way over, I was stopped twice by motorists asking what happened and I had to explain about the gas leak. The line up of cars going no where trying to get into the street was ridiculous. For an hour and a half, G and I spend the time at a bubble tea place drinking drink after drink trying to come up with puppy names (still haven't got one!). I personally didn't much like being in the place looking as poorly as I did. It offended my fashion sensibilities, but I'll make the exception since I'm in Toronto, and I was evacuated from my building. We finally decided to come home at near midnight and unluckily the all clear had just been given. They checked all the condos for gas and left the window and door open. I guess that meant we had something. I can say however, I have breathed easier than before they came, but didn't think much of it except of my cold. Does gas affect your breathing? It turns out that one of the boilers on the roof was the problem. Next day, I was too drained to go to work and spent part of the day in bed. Would have been the whole day except contractors tried to take down my door to try to get in to fix some drywall. It turns out they didn't need to fix it. I stay up all day in case they needed to come back. (They have to fix the carpet) and I get a notice today that they'll be by in the next month to fix the carpet. Yeah, not happiness. Let's not even talk about the cost yet. We don't know who will pay! But in the meantime, I've gone back to work today, and I'm still tired and still sick, but hey, I did manage my full day shift. Tomorrow another long shift and starting at 8am again. I sure hate these early shifts. Good thing they put my on cash today. I didn't have to run around too much and get drained. Okay, time for dinner and bath and bed, in that order.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Flood and Gas

So, yesterday while I was at home 'Je suis me repose' before work and what happens? Just as I'm about to step out for some chores, I get knocking at my door and it's the super, the management people and some guy wanting to check for water damage since there's a leak in the floors above me. The come in with this stick that beeps when it has water contact and turns out the carpet in front of the bath was a little wet in the padding. They go away. In about three hours, the carpet is so wet now that I can feel it on the top and it's spreading. the tiles in the bathroom are wet underneath in the grout and I'm seeing this spreading. I quickly call them back. And they confirm that it's getting worst and they'll bring in equipment to dry it and it shouldn't get worst. It was a washing machine upstairs. I go off to work and G let's the people in with the big machines. The carpet's torn up, padding removed and I've got a big fan underneath blowing on the carpet. it's noisy as all heck, so much so that i can't sleep with it on at all, and I think all the dust being put into the air is aggregating my allergies to no end and I start to feel miserable within a couple of hours being home, all night and all days today. Not getting better. G gets the rest of the story, a washing machine on floor 16 (we're on 10) overflowed, no one was home and it kept going and going. 15 underneath them was destroyed and 14 is in bad shape too. We're lucky with what we have, although at the moment, I'd rather be on floor 9 and I won't feel this bad. I've got my filters on, but it's not helping too much. And now, what's happened, I'm sure as they were working on the apts, something went wrong, because the fire department is here for a minor gas leak. All the floors above 16 are to evacuate to the building across the street. This is so bad. I'm just waiting for the next shoe to drop. (Oh, got back results of my French test, kick butt barely describes it. I'm very happy.)


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh that Spending Feeling

From last week: Sunday: forgot to bring it Monday: 15000 Tuesday: 11000 (part of the day on cash) Thursday: 12000 (part of the day on cash) Friday: 9000 (all day on cash) Sunday: forgot to bring it again Something about Sundays... Last French class of the semester is tomorrow night. Last week was the French test. I get back the results tomorrow. I don't think I'll get a very high score but a decent grade anyway. I'm no concerned about passing. But some people in the class really struggled with the material so I'm sure we'll still be seeing the Gaussian Distribution although with a smaller sample to work with. We've past through two days of Friends and Family days which were crazy. I worked both days and now it seems that all shifts are 'easy' in comparison. I guess you get used to a certain level of productivity and I guess given my previous work training, it comes naturally to me that you reach a level of over work and that becomes your new norm and you keep on upping your level of overwork. As it turns out, in the real world where most people live, it's not that way. People really do see that as an abnormality, a blip in the chart as it were. Interesting how life is in the real work vs my old one. To be fair, not everyone at GS worked that way, I think it's just certain groups of unfortunate souls who do. After all, there are plenty of people who manage to get second degrees or third and people who have families. I was just never going to have any of that the way I was going. These days, my level of multi tasking and over achieving comes in the form of trying to cook soup from scratch while I draw a bath and write in my blog. (On the one hand, this is 'nice' and relaxing while on the other hand, I do realize that it is completely loser-ville in terms of accomplishments. I'm just torn really which side I believe in at the moment. Probably the loser end actually.) Holidays are getting closer and I'm starting to feel the strain of it in terms of all my Holiday shopping. I'm nearly done. Hoping to head out tomorrow to get the last of it done. However, I did manage to get most of my holiday knitting done. I'm 97% done on the last gift scarf and I hope to finish that tonight or tomorrow. Then finally I'll be able to move on to my own scarf. I'm still in need of one for my own coat. My friends Lenore and Aaron are heading to New York for two weeks starting tomorrow. While I was telling them about all my favourite patisserie and chocolate places in New York, and reminding myself of how the city will be all nice and decorated (not too much of that here that I've seen yet.) I got all rather homesick in missing New York. Maybe next year I'll have to make sure I schedule a trip near the holidays. It really was one of my favourite times of the year. I loved the lights, all the people and that vibe in the air... you new yorkers know that feeling. The one on the street where everyone generates the vibe that they are there to spend some money! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that feeling. It always helped that there were always people with the bonus money burning a hole in their pockets. Ah... what a magical time of year it is in New York. (Yes, and I do realize that was the tourists and wall street types only. I hope for those who are in New York who don't have the extra money to spend, that they enjoy the lights and the festivities and know that not everywhere in the world have such festive and beautiful displays that are on the street for most to enjoy.) I really do miss walking around with my camera in hand to take some holidays photos. I just hope that by the time I get to Paris, I'll have some lights still to see and I'll likely go photo crazy. I've got about 6 months of photos to make up for!

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Friday, December 02, 2005

December Rudeness

It seems that yesterday I was under the unnecessary rudeness of either a radio disc-jerky who informed viewers to be rude, or people just woke up in December and decided to be rude. This happened twice yesterday! If you are going to say to a sales person in a rude manner "YOU CAN'T." When they ask you 'How can I help you today?". DO NOT PROCEED to ask them for lots and lots of help!!!! That was the morning. It was stupid. However, most everyone else was really nice and the afternoon was decent. Okay, enough of that. The score this week, with the very very difficult 5 straight days on my feet: Thursday 15000 Sunday 15000 Monday 14000 Tuesday 15000 Wednesday 16000 Thursday 15000

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