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Friday, April 28, 2006

Quelqu'un qui fait le du point de croix

The following french sentence has been corrected for my grammar and spelling mistakes. Merci beaucoup Fred! Hier soir, j'ai découvert qu'il y a une femme dans ma classe de français qui fait du point de croix!. Nous parlions des magazines et avons convenu que les meilleurs sont français. Hier soir, j'ai découvert il y a une femme dans ma classe de française qui faire le point de croix!. Nous parlions des magasins et convenu que le meilleur est français. Last night, I found out that there's a woman in my french class who cross stitches! We were talking about magazines and agreed that the best ones are french.


Thursday, April 27, 2006


Saw this on SubwayKnitter. Interesting concept and another example of someone taking a problem and running with it. Very innovative, and I wonder how well it works with sock needle sizes. Where does the battery go?
Speaking of innovation, I've admired Ideo for ages and I just read today in the October 2005 issue of Fast Company that the GM wrote a book, The Ten Faces of Innovation. I'm really looking forward to reading it, that is after I get a copy. Yes, I realize that May 2006 is the latest issue, but this one was lost in the mail and their excellent customer service resent it to me.
Been reading books on CSS of late for work and in the end, there's just one that I really love and value so far. Here are the ones I've read so far in order of recommendation:
In progress on the knitting front: Petula from Rowan Mag 31: It took just a few hours to get the bottom band done and then 24 hours of procrastinating and being fustrated, 2 hours of attempts and sitting down and doing it the 103 stitches have been picked up evenly and the body of the sweater has begun in earnest. However, I'm not looking forward to having to do the same thing on side two. I will, however, enjoy knitting the body as much as I can until then.


Monday, April 24, 2006

and I frolic...

This Saturday past was the Downtown Knit Collective Knitter's Frolic. While I'm not a member but would like to be one day (they are downtown, I'm not, makes a difference to my attendance....) I could still attend the frolic and frolic I did! Came away with Stash!
G dropped me off on his way to Karate and asked if I could entertain myself for a couple of hours, and if I may be bored. Ha! No chance in hell. The show was huge!!! It was held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center which was a beautiful building. We are planning on going back to see the place properly at another time.

Here's what I walked away with...
From Good Buy Yarn:

And from a number of different dealers:

Easter weekend was spent with my mom and sister on a road trip to see my Aunt and Cousins in Lansing MI. I snagged the backseat so that I could make sure I didn't have to navigate; after the appropriate amount of coffee, I started on another sock. Here's a photo of me knitting it!
me knit
This is the finished sock.
kitchner sock
Yarn: DG Confetti
Pattern: Patricia's Dream Socks (Interweave Fall 2000), with short row heel and toe. Kitchener stitched toe.
The second sock in the pair has been started up this past weekend as well. While I was waiting for my turn at the massage therapists. And she comes out and I found out that she's also a knitter, and a sock knitter at that! We talked knitting while I got a massage. (And P just told me today that she's started knitting again! Horray!)

I got so inspired by all the yarn, I came home and spent the weekend doing the following:
Ones where G called me a geek is marked with a *.

G hasn't seen geek yet, just wait until I build a db for all my stash. It's just an excel spreadsheet. Totally non geek worthy.

Unfortunately my hands are killing me today and so, no serious typing and knitting for me today. Who knows when I'll start on the project using the Mission Falls 1824. (Love that yarn!)


Where we discover Flour had a neck, toes and tail....

Yes about two weeks late, but better late than forgotten. Flour went and got her haircut at the breeder's about two weekends ago. Margaret starts doing all the cutting and we discovered that Flour had a long tail under all that fur, and TOEs! Who knew she had such a long neck. She's very pretty. She got a big girl haircut just like for shows and she looked very West Highland White Terrier no mistake about it! Here are some photos from last week (since I was too busy to take any right after her grooming.) And of course, I go there with my video camera like any good doggie mommy and what do I do? I left the video cassette behind! AAhhh!! First G wouldn't believe that I lost it since he's convinced that whenever I lose things, it means I stored it too well. But this time, I did lose it. (Yes, I admit it, almost all the other times he was right.) Margaret kindly mailed it back to us and I got it back last week thank goodness. Flour Flour

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Minor Facelift

I've been doing a lot of CSS for work lately and decided to put some of the skills to use and give the blog a minor facelift. I was getting rather bored with the old look. For those looking for major CSS inspiration, check out CSS Zen Garden. I'm so impressed by what people have been doing with such a simple page and get so much out of it. That's skills. My favourite one of late has got to be Mozart. I love how as you scroll the page, the background music shows through the positioning of the boxes. Very nicely done. I've finished the sock that's show here in progress on Sunday morning. Then I sat around and didn't do any knitting for a few days and just started it's mate yesterday. I'm uncertain how I like the colours of this sock, but it was worth a try. You don't know until you actually knit it to see if you like it. I've got a bunch of other colours and patterns to try out coming up. I'm looking forward to it. Sock In Progress Flour in the past couple of weeks has had a real breakthrough and seems to overnight understand the concept of being house broken. So, our lives are a little easier. We've been going out to dinner with friends, leaving her at home and coming home to NO accidents! Ah... we can see the light. She's been losing all her baby teeth, and it's rather gross to find bloody teeth here and there and bloody toys lying about. We're not in the clear yet, she still has accidents but she can be trusted to run around on the carpet without much supervision. Here's a recent photo of her with one of her newer toys. Ringu has since suffered terribly by being shredded and bled on. At least one of the rings in this three ring toy will have to be tossed out in the next day or two if it last that long! She's getting groomed this weekend, so I'll put up some cuter nicely groomed photos of her after that. Flour with Ringu

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