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Monday, April 24, 2006

Where we discover Flour had a neck, toes and tail....

Yes about two weeks late, but better late than forgotten. Flour went and got her haircut at the breeder's about two weekends ago. Margaret starts doing all the cutting and we discovered that Flour had a long tail under all that fur, and TOEs! Who knew she had such a long neck. She's very pretty. She got a big girl haircut just like for shows and she looked very West Highland White Terrier no mistake about it! Here are some photos from last week (since I was too busy to take any right after her grooming.) And of course, I go there with my video camera like any good doggie mommy and what do I do? I left the video cassette behind! AAhhh!! First G wouldn't believe that I lost it since he's convinced that whenever I lose things, it means I stored it too well. But this time, I did lose it. (Yes, I admit it, almost all the other times he was right.) Margaret kindly mailed it back to us and I got it back last week thank goodness. Flour Flour

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Oh my god--she's so cute!!!! More Flour photos please.
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