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Monday, May 22, 2006


Too busy to really fill in the details, but here's two recent photos. My sweater in the process of being sewn up. Flour in the background and my new French books on the table. sweater There was a few hours of clear day light this week from the rain and here's a shot of the Toronto Skyline from the balcony. We're not that close, it's a big zoom lens. text

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Where did the time go?!

Flour's been feeling sick this week, and on top of that it's the week before we go on holiday. I'm near panic in how far we are behind in planning. On the crafts front, I managed to finish knitting that sweater I was working on. Will upload a photo soon. I pieced together all the edges, and it wasn't too bad. now for the parts I don't like about finishing: weaving in the ends and washing and blocking. Since I was on a knitting frenzy, I also finished the other sock I was working on yesterday. It almost felt like I was trying to finish things before the trip! However, in my haste to sew up the toe, I manage to *&^(* it right up and I had to rip the toe and so essentially I made no progress on it all of yesterday. Distressing. It upset me so much that I've put it down and decided to stitch for a while instead. Of course, one of the biggest dilemma for me when I travel is what projects do I bring. This time around, we've got WAY too many hours on planes and in airports. We are in transit for just about 30 hours. It will be hard. So, of course, knitting and stitching will have to come with me along with a book or two. Question is, just which ones they will be. On to pull out some projects and given it all a good think.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Finished side 1 of sweater.

We did a lot of chores over the weekend and barely had any time to knit until Sunday night at 11pm for about an hour. Not enough to finish the side one of sweater, but did manage to finish it on yesterday. I also manage to start the band of side two. Here's the finished first side: side1finished G was very impressed that I managed to estimate the yarn and yardage correctly to have just a little bit of yarn left over but enough to finish a side. This is the band of side two as of this morning but I've since finished it and I'm painstakingly trying to pick up those stitches. So much so that after the first go, I went back to my cross stitch project. side2 Not much time to do any of it now, since I must study for my French test tonight.


Friday, May 05, 2006

This episode brought to you by the makers of...

drugs. I'd like to thank the following drug makers for those of us suffering from allergies: Patanal Flonase Aerius. For my birthday (yesterday), G got me roses. text And I even took some time off from work to do some stitching. The first in months. I really enjoyed it. But of course, today, when I picked it up again, I had to rip out everything I did yesterday since I had used two threads instead of the three that I did the rest of the pattern in. I guess this is how it gets when one puts down a piece for so long. But it was fun to be stitch again. The lesson here, when you've been putting off working on your cross stitch because it's too involved, you should pick up a pattern on 25 count linen which doesn't require stitching every stitch on the linen. This really helps remind you of how much you love stitching. text On the sweater end, arm hole shaping has begun and side one is really nearing the end. I'm looking forward to finishing this side, but also not looking forward to side two when I have to do that dreaded pick up of 103 stitches again. We'll see.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fun for Geeks and WebPatterns.

Follow a bit of fun courtesy of SimpleBits, and I got to the following sites and posts which is being linked here for future reference outside of my del.icio.us and shared for anyone interested in web design and order. Some of these posts are years old but still really relevant and has got me thinking in a slightly different way about my web design. and this boxing match is the kind I'd actually watch. I thought it was hilarious, but is that too much geekness?

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Movies = Knitting

This weekend, we watched Aeon Flux and Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. While I enjoyed TLTW&TW, I cannot help but compare it with the BBC miniseries. Just like when I was watching The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In both cases, I did like the BBC version more and in the case of hitchhikers, I thought they did a good job and loved the knitted dolls. With that my sweater has been growing nicely. On April 30th morning, this is what I've got done, and what it looks like before tonight's knitting. April 30May 1 Please excuse the inconsistent colour. And for my Flour's fans, some recent photos from this past weekend: Flour 1Flour 2Flour 3Flour 4Flour 5
Today I went for a the first bike ride of the season. I was much aggregated by allergies and the short (very short) ride was very pathetic since I am so out of shape. But it was a good start, and it was fun and got me finish my errands at the bank and post office quicker than walking.

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