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Friday, May 05, 2006

This episode brought to you by the makers of...

drugs. I'd like to thank the following drug makers for those of us suffering from allergies: Patanal Flonase Aerius. For my birthday (yesterday), G got me roses. text And I even took some time off from work to do some stitching. The first in months. I really enjoyed it. But of course, today, when I picked it up again, I had to rip out everything I did yesterday since I had used two threads instead of the three that I did the rest of the pattern in. I guess this is how it gets when one puts down a piece for so long. But it was fun to be stitch again. The lesson here, when you've been putting off working on your cross stitch because it's too involved, you should pick up a pattern on 25 count linen which doesn't require stitching every stitch on the linen. This really helps remind you of how much you love stitching. text On the sweater end, arm hole shaping has begun and side one is really nearing the end. I'm looking forward to finishing this side, but also not looking forward to side two when I have to do that dreaded pick up of 103 stitches again. We'll see.


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