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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Finished side 1 of sweater.

We did a lot of chores over the weekend and barely had any time to knit until Sunday night at 11pm for about an hour. Not enough to finish the side one of sweater, but did manage to finish it on yesterday. I also manage to start the band of side two. Here's the finished first side: side1finished G was very impressed that I managed to estimate the yarn and yardage correctly to have just a little bit of yarn left over but enough to finish a side. This is the band of side two as of this morning but I've since finished it and I'm painstakingly trying to pick up those stitches. So much so that after the first go, I went back to my cross stitch project. side2 Not much time to do any of it now, since I must study for my French test tonight.


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