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Friday, May 19, 2006

Where did the time go?!

Flour's been feeling sick this week, and on top of that it's the week before we go on holiday. I'm near panic in how far we are behind in planning. On the crafts front, I managed to finish knitting that sweater I was working on. Will upload a photo soon. I pieced together all the edges, and it wasn't too bad. now for the parts I don't like about finishing: weaving in the ends and washing and blocking. Since I was on a knitting frenzy, I also finished the other sock I was working on yesterday. It almost felt like I was trying to finish things before the trip! However, in my haste to sew up the toe, I manage to *&^(* it right up and I had to rip the toe and so essentially I made no progress on it all of yesterday. Distressing. It upset me so much that I've put it down and decided to stitch for a while instead. Of course, one of the biggest dilemma for me when I travel is what projects do I bring. This time around, we've got WAY too many hours on planes and in airports. We are in transit for just about 30 hours. It will be hard. So, of course, knitting and stitching will have to come with me along with a book or two. Question is, just which ones they will be. On to pull out some projects and given it all a good think.


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