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Monday, April 24, 2006

and I frolic...

This Saturday past was the Downtown Knit Collective Knitter's Frolic. While I'm not a member but would like to be one day (they are downtown, I'm not, makes a difference to my attendance....) I could still attend the frolic and frolic I did! Came away with Stash!
G dropped me off on his way to Karate and asked if I could entertain myself for a couple of hours, and if I may be bored. Ha! No chance in hell. The show was huge!!! It was held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center which was a beautiful building. We are planning on going back to see the place properly at another time.

Here's what I walked away with...
From Good Buy Yarn:

And from a number of different dealers:

Easter weekend was spent with my mom and sister on a road trip to see my Aunt and Cousins in Lansing MI. I snagged the backseat so that I could make sure I didn't have to navigate; after the appropriate amount of coffee, I started on another sock. Here's a photo of me knitting it!
me knit
This is the finished sock.
kitchner sock
Yarn: DG Confetti
Pattern: Patricia's Dream Socks (Interweave Fall 2000), with short row heel and toe. Kitchener stitched toe.
The second sock in the pair has been started up this past weekend as well. While I was waiting for my turn at the massage therapists. And she comes out and I found out that she's also a knitter, and a sock knitter at that! We talked knitting while I got a massage. (And P just told me today that she's started knitting again! Horray!)

I got so inspired by all the yarn, I came home and spent the weekend doing the following:
Ones where G called me a geek is marked with a *.

G hasn't seen geek yet, just wait until I build a db for all my stash. It's just an excel spreadsheet. Totally non geek worthy.

Unfortunately my hands are killing me today and so, no serious typing and knitting for me today. Who knows when I'll start on the project using the Mission Falls 1824. (Love that yarn!)


Love the self-patterning yarn. And the shot of the knitting in the backseat. Too cute.
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