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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Minor Facelift

I've been doing a lot of CSS for work lately and decided to put some of the skills to use and give the blog a minor facelift. I was getting rather bored with the old look. For those looking for major CSS inspiration, check out CSS Zen Garden. I'm so impressed by what people have been doing with such a simple page and get so much out of it. That's skills. My favourite one of late has got to be Mozart. I love how as you scroll the page, the background music shows through the positioning of the boxes. Very nicely done. I've finished the sock that's show here in progress on Sunday morning. Then I sat around and didn't do any knitting for a few days and just started it's mate yesterday. I'm uncertain how I like the colours of this sock, but it was worth a try. You don't know until you actually knit it to see if you like it. I've got a bunch of other colours and patterns to try out coming up. I'm looking forward to it. Sock In Progress Flour in the past couple of weeks has had a real breakthrough and seems to overnight understand the concept of being house broken. So, our lives are a little easier. We've been going out to dinner with friends, leaving her at home and coming home to NO accidents! Ah... we can see the light. She's been losing all her baby teeth, and it's rather gross to find bloody teeth here and there and bloody toys lying about. We're not in the clear yet, she still has accidents but she can be trusted to run around on the carpet without much supervision. Here's a recent photo of her with one of her newer toys. Ringu has since suffered terribly by being shredded and bled on. At least one of the rings in this three ring toy will have to be tossed out in the next day or two if it last that long! She's getting groomed this weekend, so I'll put up some cuter nicely groomed photos of her after that. Flour with Ringu

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Awww--look at that cute little baby! She is absolutely adorable!
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