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Friday, December 23, 2005

4 days and counting

So, today is the 23rd. I spent 8 hours at the store standing at the cashing trying to ring in everyone including the bitchy customers. Most of course are good and fine. But of course, those stories are not fun. There are the two favorites from today: 1. There is only one line at the cash. One line, 4 cashiers, who will take those next in line. There are signs that say enter and exit and ones on the wrong side that says there is only one line on the other side. This woman today, on the wrong line, decided that she was next, threw down the sign of the 'wrong line' and proclaimed that she was next and the man behind her can wait with her when informed that they were not in line. (instead of just leaving them there with no one to help them.). Of course, in the end, she still had to get in line with everyone, but just enough to piss off everyone, staff and customers a like and break a sign that had to be replaced. bitch. 2. Man who enters line, move to real line and then when I call him to me (back on the other side) to be next, proclaimed that this was totally stupid and he wasn't moving. Sure, I'll just take the woman behind you then! Bitch. Worst yet are the men who are bitches. Anyway, whatever. So, what's what. I'm waiting for dinner tonight, resting my feet. I'm exhausted. I'd like to go to bed. Dinner will be boring chinese food. Can't wait until it's over. I hope it's half decent food. Still got to pack for the trip and I've barely started. Still got xmas presents to wrap, but I think I'll put it off until tomorrow. Yes, lazy ass. Can't help it, don't function well with less than 4 hours of sleep, just like last night.


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