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Friday, December 16, 2005

Other Shoe Droppeth

... not 5 minutes after posting the blog from the other day about the gas leak, I hear the announcement for a all building evacuation to the next building. I'm now bagging some things to entertain myself for a few hours. Didn't think about the fact that it may be over night, grab my passport and start cursing that if I was in New York, I'd have my evaculation backpack ready. I had none of the 'extras' that I might really need in case the building blows up. I didn't have time to change into street clothes but I made sure I had hat gloves and wore my sneakers and coat. However, didn't wear enough clothes for a long walk out. At least I had shoes on, not like some in slippers. G was at his karate class, so I'm left in the other building for about 1.5 hours. I played my gameboy, made progress on my scarf and grew a little restless. Low battery on my cell phone or I would have made phone calls to pass some time. As it is, I was feeling poorly and sick, and meant to be going to bed early for the night. The fire department had other ideas. Eventually G comes home, but they've blocked off the building and road from cars. There are 3 or 4 fire engines and a TTC bus for people to gather in, but we were in the rec room in the other building being okay. We decide to kill time, so I walked out to meet G at the mall across the street. On my way over, I was stopped twice by motorists asking what happened and I had to explain about the gas leak. The line up of cars going no where trying to get into the street was ridiculous. For an hour and a half, G and I spend the time at a bubble tea place drinking drink after drink trying to come up with puppy names (still haven't got one!). I personally didn't much like being in the place looking as poorly as I did. It offended my fashion sensibilities, but I'll make the exception since I'm in Toronto, and I was evacuated from my building. We finally decided to come home at near midnight and unluckily the all clear had just been given. They checked all the condos for gas and left the window and door open. I guess that meant we had something. I can say however, I have breathed easier than before they came, but didn't think much of it except of my cold. Does gas affect your breathing? It turns out that one of the boilers on the roof was the problem. Next day, I was too drained to go to work and spent part of the day in bed. Would have been the whole day except contractors tried to take down my door to try to get in to fix some drywall. It turns out they didn't need to fix it. I stay up all day in case they needed to come back. (They have to fix the carpet) and I get a notice today that they'll be by in the next month to fix the carpet. Yeah, not happiness. Let's not even talk about the cost yet. We don't know who will pay! But in the meantime, I've gone back to work today, and I'm still tired and still sick, but hey, I did manage my full day shift. Tomorrow another long shift and starting at 8am again. I sure hate these early shifts. Good thing they put my on cash today. I didn't have to run around too much and get drained. Okay, time for dinner and bath and bed, in that order.


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