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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Flood and Gas

So, yesterday while I was at home 'Je suis me repose' before work and what happens? Just as I'm about to step out for some chores, I get knocking at my door and it's the super, the management people and some guy wanting to check for water damage since there's a leak in the floors above me. The come in with this stick that beeps when it has water contact and turns out the carpet in front of the bath was a little wet in the padding. They go away. In about three hours, the carpet is so wet now that I can feel it on the top and it's spreading. the tiles in the bathroom are wet underneath in the grout and I'm seeing this spreading. I quickly call them back. And they confirm that it's getting worst and they'll bring in equipment to dry it and it shouldn't get worst. It was a washing machine upstairs. I go off to work and G let's the people in with the big machines. The carpet's torn up, padding removed and I've got a big fan underneath blowing on the carpet. it's noisy as all heck, so much so that i can't sleep with it on at all, and I think all the dust being put into the air is aggregating my allergies to no end and I start to feel miserable within a couple of hours being home, all night and all days today. Not getting better. G gets the rest of the story, a washing machine on floor 16 (we're on 10) overflowed, no one was home and it kept going and going. 15 underneath them was destroyed and 14 is in bad shape too. We're lucky with what we have, although at the moment, I'd rather be on floor 9 and I won't feel this bad. I've got my filters on, but it's not helping too much. And now, what's happened, I'm sure as they were working on the apts, something went wrong, because the fire department is here for a minor gas leak. All the floors above 16 are to evacuate to the building across the street. This is so bad. I'm just waiting for the next shoe to drop. (Oh, got back results of my French test, kick butt barely describes it. I'm very happy.)


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