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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Paris Recommendations Part 3: Shopping

This is part three of my Paris Recommendations Week series.


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Can't believe no ones has commented yet shouting "hosanna! This is just what I've been looking for!!!" :)

I'm going to be in France for almost the entire month of May and will be in Paris a little over two weeks of that time. I love needlework (although I need more supplies and charts like I need another hole in my head!) so a Google search for those brought me to your blog and then you have all these other wonderful places listed! I'm agog. :) My daughter is going to fly over and join me for 4 days and she is a shopper. I'm more of a browser and don't plan to spend all my time shopping but a lot of these stores you've listed will be a nice break from visiting all the "important" things (although what could be more important than fantastic bread, I'm wondering...)

Thank you so much and if you know of any good dollhouse/miniatures shops, I'd love a point in their direction too.
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