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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Paris Recommendations Part 2: Pâtisserie and Tea

This is part two of my Paris Recommendations Week series.

Pâtisserie & Tea: (ranked)

Definitely one of our favorite things to do while in Paris is to hit as many pâtisseries as we can. It's difficult to find dessert art at this level in other places in the world. I've got a few places I go in New York and Tokyo that would be comparible. But that's a whole different recommendations guide. This list is of the most famous ones that are mentioned in guides.

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I remember Pierre Herme from your scrapbook/photo album...and I just went to the Fauchon website. The sweets look too good to eat- they are little works of art.
OH. MY. GOD. There's not way I could choose just one at a time. I would have to go back every day and eat at least 2 per day, or even three.
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