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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My dog chewed up...

Flour was very bad and while I was working decided to attack a power cable. I was concentrating on work for a few minutes and then heard her growling. When I looked to see why, I discovered the badly chewed up cable; still plugged into both the power transformer of my hard drive and the power bar. I think she gave herself a shock. She could have killed herself. Here is said cable: cable I immediately contacted technical support for the product explaining that the power cord is a fire hazard and would like to find out how to get a new one since my dog chewed up the old one. They wrote back quickly and told me that they can send me a new one and it's in the mail. I'll have to see how long before it gets here. Hopefully soon since they have a branch just on Dufferin St. in Toronto. I'll report when it gets here and let you know of the product and company. In the mean time, I'm watching Flour like a hawk to make sure she doesn't go after any more cords.

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