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Monday, June 13, 2005

Love Seat and Ottoman

We valiantly braved intense heat, 40º humid-ex in shorts and tanks and head shopping on Saturday. The two stores we went to in North York was a let down. Blvd Interiors had nothing we wanted. And while we found a bed of interest at De Boers, any place with a no photography policy immediately goes to the bottom of my list. Unless you're allowing me to walk out with a photo or brochure of the product of interest to me, or allow photos, you're a store that's too insecure about your pricing to care about your customers. I don't need you! Well, they are still on the list, bottom, but haven't fallen off list. But boy, the second she told me of their store policy, immediately my feelings for the place changed. Given my advance scouting shopping on Thursday where I've basically located contender pieces, G and I went and checked out the stores at King Street East. We head into stores that I didn't get to see on the week day even the relative late hour, but did not find anything we really wanted. So, we concentrate on EQ3 and Indesign Furnishings, where I had found pieces that I really wanted and needed to run them by G. I'm happy to report that all pieces that I liked, he liked, and we even came to decision on two pieces. Glad to have decided on something and in about 6 weeks or so, they'd have made it for us from Winnipeg and we'll get our furniture. Exciting. And I'm going to rave about this store because the sales people were really helpful and not pushy as they don't work on commission. Anyone will and can help you. You are welcomed in and given space to look around but not too much that you feel as if they don't care. They are right there when you have questions. They were helpful and patient when you are looking at combinations, and pricing and fabrics. We wanted to move the store display around to try out different furniture combinations, "Sure no problem." Even when I'm thinking about pieces, they'll happily print me information about the pieces so I can make an informed decision. If only all stores worked like that. But you know what? This neighbourhood place caters to younger, modern crowd with a lot of designers in the neighbourhood. The shopping know-how and experience is completely different than the more traditional stores where they deal with a different clientele. I'm not that clientele, I don't want to be treated like that. I'm glad some research got me the proper shopping district and styles. Style At Home


Hooray for new furniture! I love that ottoman, very cool looking!
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