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Saturday, June 18, 2005

We buy more furniture.

Weekend number two and we go shopping again. Friday night afterwork before going out with G's friends, we go and buy the Tempur-pedic mattress at a shop across the street at the mall. Decent deal: No tax, two free pillows and free delivery. We can't wait to get the new bed! But we must. Today, back to the Indesign Furnishings to look at the bed frame again and with measuring tape and bedroom layout. Bed position is pretty much determined from bedroom layout that was done yesterday night in Microspot Interiors. (Room modeling software) Gives us a good idea of layout and feel with less time than a scale 3 dimensional drawing. Finally decide that the bed is a good size and will do. It's the one we both like best and it's going to be the right size. So, we put down the money and also get another chair. Most of the furniture that we don't have to assemble are now purchased. Pretty much well on the way. So we are here, must get our ass moving and get picking paint colours for the bedroom and paint it. More furniture to buy and assemble soon too. Most of the planning is now done. I think the hard work is starting. I can't tell if I'm excited or just more overwhelmed. But G is in a better mood since we're buying things.


Congrats on the Tempurpedic!!
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