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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Paint, episode 1

So we want to buy some paint to try out to make sure we like the colours before the major commitment since we're not painting the place white or off white. First we look at Home Depot and at Ralph Lauren Paints. Very vibrate and nice colour selection. We picked out the colours we liked and wanted to get samples to try out. Hoping not to waste a trip, I call Home Depot 1 (location to be hidden to protect all parties). It took forever but I finally get to talk to the paint department and they don't have the paint samples in stock. G: "Let's try the 'Home Depot 2' store. The other one might not have stock, it's too ghetto man." Meaning to call the one closer to us not the one we went to last time. It takes very long time and the lady picks up the phone and I ask her to check if she's got the colours. And she calls me back in 5 minutes taking down my info. She calls back and tells me she's pulled the colours for me. I'm really impressed and we went to the store. You know there's more to this.... We get to this store, turns out to be much closer to us than first thought and this store is so much nicer!! G: "This one's newer, that other one is much older." He explains, doesn't dwell on the 'ghetto-ness' of the other one. And the paint lady finds me and she's pulled the paint chips for me! Not paint samples!!! Oh well. While I appreciate the effort but totally lament that if I was in the states still, I'd be able to order the samples online. We decide against waiting until I come back from my trip (having ordered the samples to be sent to me in the states) because we really need to get going on the painting. Few weekends left in the summer. So, off to Benjamin Moore store as I'm certain we can find similar colours to what we wanted. We immediately went to work and got picking colours and we got pretty close pretty quickly. (Two for the bedroom, two for the living room/hall.) BUT, they don't have the pot samples yet! We might have to wait a few weeks for them to come in so, we decided against it and went for a small liter size cans. Bigger than we need, but if the colours are right, which we suspect they are, we'll have paint for when we need it anyway. We get three out of four colours and we're ready to paint tonight. I'll have to put in more work in the next few days to paint all the coats. Especially since we are not using the proper primer on some of them which need it. I'll need to use more coats to get the same colour effect. G says to me in the car that he wants us to get two of the colours up tonight, I tell him I think he's optimistic. As I'm typing, he's currently playing video games. I'm not nagging since we got the paint samples and I'm happy. He hasn't played in ages. Poor boy, I'm driving him crazy. (Okay, it's mutual, I just hope Jenny's right about the 6 months thing.) I also get the B. M. Colour book. It's "on loan" for if it turns out we don't like these colours we'll have the palette with us to decide on the shade variations. However, I love having all the colours, and I might just keep it :) hee hee. (It's just so cool to have!!!) One of the colours we picked can't be done up in a liter can to colour accuracy so we're waiting for the colour to come in the smaller pots. I'm going to try to hunt one down when I'm in the US if this is one of the colours that are the same across the 49th parallel. In the mean time, I've taped together a bunch of paint chips to a bigger chip and it's taped to the wall until the morning. In this light, it looks good so far, so we'll see.

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