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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Top lists

G and I are having dinner and we talk about top restaurants. G's Toronto list: 1. Scaramouche 2. Mistura 3. Kumai Sushi 4. Green Bamboo restaurant (Pho) 5. Blue Stone Bistro I don't have much of a list but here's my Toronto list: 1. Mistura 2. Scaramouche 3. Le Montmartre (This is where we were having dinner.) 4. Lone Star Texas Grill 5. Richtree Market Restaurant My New York list: 1. Sushi of Gari 2. Quatorze Biz 3. Candle 79 4. Ruth's Chris Steak House 5. Popover Cafe Made just about no decorating progress today. Yesterday I managed to layout and price the bathroom and the foyer closet. Tonight's homework: bedroom closet.

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