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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm not worthy. Subtitle: No Job = Nobody

Library I managed to get my library card today and immediately went to raid their Home Decor section. I walked out with a bunch of books on colour, painting, decor tips etc. Hoping I can start reading them and seeing if I can absorb the information quickly and put it into immediate good use in this apartment. The branch library is quite small and has few of the books I'm looking for. I'm definitely going to make sure of the online library web page. Got to put books on hold and get them moved to my branch for pick up. Toronto Public Library Bank We did manage to get the bank account opened but credit card is going to be an issue for me since I don't have a job. Me: "So how do people who are independently wealthy get a credit card?" Banker: "People who are... wealthy?" (Concept seems foreign to him.) Me: "Yeah, people who don't have a job." Banker. No answer. Again, I think he doesn't understand the concept. So, there's no way to see how I've got a great credit score in the US and currently I've no credit cards in Canada and no hope of getting one. They don't seem to like me not working. I guess this is just a sign of how if you don't have a job, but have money, you are still nobody. And just to clarify I'm not independently wealthy.

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