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Sunday, December 17, 2006

agh, I give up

After finishing a knit project, I promptly dove into my knitting stash and got out needles and yarn to make a lacy scarf. I have been making a few projects which have more lacy patterns with these nice yarn overs, so I was keen to work on a lace pattern to do more yo's.

Sadly, after knitting two rows. I gave up. The first row was on metal addi's which were too slippery, I went to knit row two on wood. Next, row three: I do yo's twice, and that goes well, but then came the k3tog. AGH... a whole minute of trying I finally gave up. The needles are too blunt. I was really struggling and to have to struggle the whole scarf would make me go crazy.

I've read it many times recently about the need for sharper needles for working lace. And now, I've experienced it myself. I ripped up the two rows and put it all away. It's just not the day to do this. there's one more chance that the denise needles I've got on another project would be sharp enough for the task. I'll have to give that a go. Or... maybe I'll just break down and buy a set of knitpicks needles and see if I like them as much as most people.

I guess it's time to look for a less aggravating project.

Oh.. and I've decided to fight my perfectionist nature, and let G's socks stand. One cuff being 1/2 inch shorter than the other. I told him I'll make him another pair. Like there was any doubt that I would. So, I guess I gave up on trying to fix that too.


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