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Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh horrors, what have I done!?

This is a photo of G's socks:


I mean, what the fuck? Was I high when I started the heel on that second sock a whole 1/2 inch too short!? This is what happens when you don't follow a set pattern and don't have the other sock around to 'read'.Edit:Sadly, it's not the foot that's short. Only the cuff is short.

I've got to fix it... suggestions? Do I rip down from the cuff and bind off loosely? Can I bind off loosely enough? Or will I just make it worst?


At least the rest of it looks okay.



May - how about ripping out the toe and ripping back to where the decreases begin. Then join yarn, knit another inch or whatever and make a new toe. Possible?
I would recommend just leaving it. No one will see the cuff anyway unless G is almost naked.
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