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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yarn has arrived!

With the post yesterday was my package of yarn from Camilla Valley Farm. I had ordered the Mission Falls colour and dye lot that I was missing to finish my sweater. Since I was ordering, I put in for some other colours so that I'll have the supplies to make something for my friend's baby on the way. As you can see, I went for non traditional baby colours. In fact, I decided that the baby will have lots of things in baby colours and I'd go for something that will wash well, can take getting a little dirty and if it becomes 'blankey' it won't be too childish looking.

Seriously, I wanted to roll in it after I piled them on the floor. But I was good, I pulled out what I needed for the sweater and packaged the rest back up.

It'll have to go into the closet until my Christmas knitting is completed.


I love all the colours- much better than washed out pastels for baby. The messy pile is much more appealing than the plastic wrapped - it looks like Flour was waiting to pounce on the pile- true?
Thanks :) I'm loving the colours too.
Yeah, Flour was in the pile practically the second it was dumped on the floor for the photo. I had to pull her aside and make her sit near by so I could take a picture without her head blocking the colours. However, end result still had her foot in it.
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