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Sunday, September 03, 2006


My sweater in the works has been on hold for a while. It's officially September and I've no new fall sweater. I do have a cotton one which does need to be worn that I had knitted a while back, but the pooling of colours is not great, but I will spend some time this long weekend and finish blocking it to be worn.

Why is the sweater on hold you ask? Simply put, I'm out of yarn! I had brought extra when I was buying the yarn, but I guess the extra width I put into the sweater to make sure I could wear it, has put me in the position of needing to wait until more of the same dye lot can be found. I contacted the shop I brought the sweater from, and was told that while they had the dye lot in question (horray) the rest of my order (well, I might as well!) had some pieces that needed waiting. So, I'm going to have to wait until they all come in. Another two weeks or something I think, before I can get going again. Here's hoping I have the sweater done by October. I am taking this time to spend more time with the xmas presents that needs to be knitted. I'm 75% of the way there, and it's about 75% of the year... Got to get cranking!

I wanted to start the Mirabilia Scent of Old Roses as possibly the next big cross stitch that I work on. However, as I tried to get all the floss together for the project, I find out that I'm missing quite a bit of the DMC that it's calling for. So, no new start there either.


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