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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Savannah's Curtsy

Jenny was right, it was a giant Mirabilia.

It took I think about 5-6 years to finish. Granted, I put it down for most of those years. Since I put it down last week, it probably only had an hour's worth of work on it. Mostly in trying to find the stitch here and there that I've missed out on. Yesterday, when I was this close to putting it away again in fustration, I told myself to stick it out. I was done in no time, but I had to wait until this morning to check if I've missed any more stitches in better light. It was good. So, it was time to photograph it.

Pattern: Mirabilia Savannah's Curtsy.
    Lessons learned:
  1. Back stitching as I went along was great. Saves from having to do too much of it at the end.
  2. Leaving sections of unfinished stitches or a missed stitch here and there to 'come back to' was not great. Most stop doing that!


Wow! This looks absolutely great. You're inspiring me to get one of my big projects out again. You must get this framed and not just put it in a drawer!
It's really beautiful, May. And I was happy to read that it took you so long to do it (since it took me about that long to do the TWenzler fruited bellpull). Well worth all the time and effort.
Congratulations! What a beautiful, beautiful piece! And yes, now you need to start something new! (see my blog for a new start too.)
She's beautiful! I'm inspired to dig out my Lavender & Lace angel (going on six years here...)

Well done!!!
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