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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I was so swayed by Chelly's comment that I started to look for a new project to start. I went digging in my oversized pile of stash to look for frames. This is when I saw an UFO. All it needed was beading, some back-stitching and filling in some missing stitches! It won't be long before we have a finish. The beading is going by very quickly.

first bead crown of beads


I have one of those UFOs - beading and some metallics and it's done! But do I work on it? of course not. It sits and stares at me, taunting me with its incompleteness.
Ah, and that's exactly why I go and hid this UFO. :) I recently got to the point where I've actually forgot it existed. I think it helped me pick it up again when I wanted something new. It felt new.
and now you're teasing us with the photos that don't show us the complete picture. Personally I think it's an elephant tusk holding a ball either playing in the autumn leaves or hanging out on a beach with lots of seashells. :)
Is this a giant Mirabilia? I'm seeing about 8 colors and BEADS in a square inch... Spill it, missy, what is this?!?!
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