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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

where I start two new knit projects...

I've made two recent starts in the past two days.

I had a nice time shopping on Saturday and came home with some sock yarn. (Yes, I have a lot, but seriously... ask anyone, sock yarn isn't stash!) After the start and rip with my lace scarf, I went back to a more tried and true. I took out the sock yarn (a new ball of Regia Canadian Colors) and cast on and started knitting Monkey from the Winter 2006 Knitty. The lace pattern was really easy to memorize and it was going pretty great. That was until I realized that I've really just been swatching. The sock if I continued, was probably going to be too small for me to wear.

monkey_closeup.jpg monkey_onball.jpg

Then I got out some Zara and started to work on a fair-isle scarf. I'm trying out a pattern from a Japanese book and I had some trouble with trying to figure out what the pattern was telling me. I thought I had it right when I cast on and knitted through the season finale of Dexter which we watched last night. But this morning when I pick it up again and tried to knit it again following the pattern. I realized that I had read the chart wrong. I kept trying to figure out it and see if it can be salvaged, but in the end it could not.


This afternoon, I ripped into them all, and wound all the yarn back up onto their balls. I've put down the needles and will have to pick them up again. But first, I'm going to scan and photoshop that Japanese Pattern so that it's easier for me to read.

By this time tomorrow, I'd likely have gotten over this and at least cast back on for the sock. The yarn's too pretty not to knit.

While each failure of a project is a disappointment; I'm not discouraged. Each is a learning experience and you're wiser the next time around. (or at least there's the dream that you could be wiser....)

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Oh dear - are you sure they're too small? My socks are standard 64 stitches, usually on size 2 needles. I love that yarn and that pattern, hope you persevere or start over or whatever!
Oh lawdy...I so really want to knit that sock up now with one of the Canadian Colour I have...but I.Must.First.Finish.My.JayWalker!
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