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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

fetching present

fetching back
fetching front
Fetching from Knitty
Discontinued color dark grey Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. (one of my favorite yarns on the planet!)
Cheapy size 6 (4.0mm) Imra double point
Date Started:
November 7, 2006
Date Finished:
November 9, 2006
Changes and Notes:
The pattern calls for making two identical gloves and just switching how you wear it. However, I decided to really do a matching pair. On the second glove, instead of making the thumb on the first 7 stitches of the row, I made it on the last 7 stitches of the row. That is, on the other side of the stitch marker. (I leave a long tail at the cast on and use that as my marker.) This way, the rib stitch lines on the thumbs are mirror opposites.
I do love how quickly this pattern knits up and it does only take just under 1 ball of yarn. I probably would have finished it in 1 day except for the fact that I managed to screw up the counting of the second pair and had to rip and redo. I am now needle-felting to join two pieces of yarn. It makes for slightly fuzzy yarn, but not much noticeable and love how I leave less to weave in. I just couldn't consider too many ends in a piece so small.
Nothing I really didn't like about the pattern except for the fact that it's worked on 4 dpns instead of 5. That was annoying to work with since it felt strange. I might try to change this, but given the easy division of stitches by 3, I can see why it was done this way. A change of gauge or size and I'll redo them with 5 dpns.
All cables were worked without cable needles. I'm still struggling a little with this, but can handle doing it with cables smaller than 4 stitches wide.
I'm definitely making this again. I might feel more free to make more changes and I'm feeling very much better about tackling gloves in the future. The scary thumb bit wasn't too bad.
Christmas 2006
Xmas Package


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