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Friday, December 22, 2006

Best Knit Pattern ever read

Some people read knit patterns like others read cookbook recipes. I read knitting patterns. Then again, I read recipes too. But not that way that some others do. Cookbooks, I approach in a more utilitarian manner. "Will I ever make that?" "Do I have the ingredients to make dinner?" While some people read it to dream, to learn, to experiment, to get hungry, to look at all the pictures ... just like how I read a knit pattern. (This doesn't apply to cross stitch since the chart for a pattern does all the work for you.) I can spend a good evening going through old magazines and dreaming of what's next. I do that with the xs patterns too.

Some patterns you read because you plan on making it and you're trying to get the important info. What yarn? What Gauge? What needles/notions? Do I have them all? Do I need to shop? How big is the project? (personal estimation.) Will you ever wear it? Or will anyone? Does it go up on the to-do list? Or goes in the maybes? Is the pattern charted or written? Does it look like you'll have to rewrite it all just to work with it? so on and so forth.

And then there's this little gem(PDF) from Jenna. [via]

This one is just fun to read. It's got lots of humour and personality in a strict package. And a pattern you can knit to boot! But if you have trouble with legalese. I'd advise against reading it.


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