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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Westie Walk 2006

Back on September 17th, we went to join in the fun at the Westie Walk.

It's run by Westie Rescue of Canada and it's a fundraiser for the group. Flour had so much fun and we did too hanging around 40 some Westies and their owners. There were games and Flour won a prize for being the youngest Westie.

I took film photos for a change and just recently got them developed. Here's the photos on my flickr set. The Slideshow. Yes, some of the photos, it's a little "Where's Waldo" like with Flour, so I've made a note of where she is when it's not obvious.

The official photos. We got there late and didn't get our official photos done.

I can't wait until the 2007 walk.

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