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Thursday, October 19, 2006

New York Weekend - Commercial Version

The Commerical Version:
2 trips into New Jersey via PATH (Hoboken and Jersey City)
1 Metrostitcher Stitching Event.
1 haircut
Checking out The Point, Purl, Purl Patchworks.
2 lbs of Super Chocolate Coffee from Agatha and Valentina.
1 Walk around the old neighbourhood (Upper East Side)
1 detour on the cross town M79 bus
Catch up with my favorite booksellers (Bonnie and Joe) and Mystery Bookstore: Black Orchid Bookstore.
1 lunch with Dave on his birthday.
4 shirts and 3 sweaters for G.
1 meal at my favorite vegan place: Candle 79.
1 super super nice customs agent at Pearson International Airport.
1 leisurely lunch with Jocelyn.
2 baguettes from Balthazar
1 knitting book from Kinokuniya
1 exhausting and fun weekend for a really out of shape, New Yorker at heart... [yes, this is so cliché but wait for it]

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how was the old 'hood? so jealous you got to Candle btw.
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