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Monday, October 16, 2006

Finished Halloween Stitching!

In time for Halloween, the Bent Creek Boo Z25 kit is done!

Again, a fun and fast stitch. Yes, I managed to mess up something on it, but it's about enjoying the process and not needing to make it perfect, so I left it 'wrong'. I still like it.

I had a nice meeting of the Metrostitchers when I was in New York, and it was fantastic to be able to hang out with my friends and be part of the group again. I've really missed the stitching events now that I've moved away. And as usual, the group stitching really got me moving on my own stitching which has really been slow ever since all the Xmas knitting has taken up most of my time.

[Update: Here is a couple of photos from the stitching event. What fun!]

Here's the finished product. I'm not going to frame it or might not even iron it, but it's already hanging so I can enjoy it on display until after Halloween.



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