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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Class and Design

at graphpaper.com, there's a 6 part series on Class and Design that is fascinating. Part One. [via]

A recent issue of Fast Company and Part Six of this series also mentions Antenna Design. They are the ones who designed the MetroCard machines for the MTA (NYC). I was recently once again using the machines and looking at them with a lot more of a usability and user interaction design stand point, and I have to say, they really are a gem. Go to the Antenna site to take a look at their designs in more detail, and next time you use a MetroCard vending machine, take note at how fast it was to get your ticket/refill your pass.

Other interesting reads: New York Times: Class Matters - Social Class in the United States of America


Even if you don't think the metroCard machin is all that fabulous compared to other machines, it will still kick the butt of this piece of crap design put out by the TTC:

TTC Token Machines

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