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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My friends gets a mention on yarn harlot...

Okay, they are now famous!

They get a cameo in yarn harlot's post about her brooklyn talk.

Alison gets a photo and a mention with her mets sock.

In this photo, I certainly see someone I know!


Photo is quite fuzzy, who else was there?!

Too cool!


May - what an amazing evening that was! I was there 2 hours early knitting with other early arrivals, it was very cool. Next to me as you know was Cynthia, next to her was my knitting friend from the library, Grace, and by the bookcase is Viv who came despite not knitting at all.

And if you scroll down on Stephanie's post you'll see me with the Mets sock that I'm knitting for a friend!
That's so great! :) Looks like a good time too!
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