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Friday, September 01, 2006

Look down when you travel

You never know what you'll see that'll be interesting.

From Taipei, Taiwan:

Taipei Tourism

Tourism ad

From Hualien, Taiwan:


On the beach 'boardwalk'. Walk on this path.


Bike on this path

From Tokyo, Japan:

decorated manhole

Decorated man hole cover

don't walk and smoke

Watch out for the dangers of walking and smoking!

where to walk or bike

Tanaka area, denotes where people and bikes should go on the street.

imperial palace grounds 1

Walkway around Imperial Palace

imperial palace grounds 2 chuo city

Chuo City. Don't smoke and don't litter!


To be honest, no idea what this is. Looks nice.


On a pedestrian bridge on the way to the fish market.

Even from little ole TO:

ad on sidewalk

Bloor Street in front of a bar.

So? Inspired? Show me what's around your town!

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Thank you for the sidewalk 'art'. I remember being in the Alhambra and admiring the stone work on the ground. Some of them are functional and some of them are truly beautiful!
I wish they had those 'don't walk and smoke' signs here. Not that anyone would obey, but it would make me smile.
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