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Friday, September 08, 2006


I've been in a funk of sorts not getting much done in any of my pursuits. Having trouble getting my act together I guess.

This morning I feel as if I've hit the jackpot. I check out all my RSS feeds in the morning using NetNewsWire and have my cup of coffee. Nicole's post mentions Curio and it sounded like just what I needed. I went over to check it out and they are running a promotion and I had to put down the credit card.

I'm using it for everything now and it's a great way to get everything together and to gather ideas etc. I've been collecting 'ideas' for knit and cross stitch projects for years now, not to mention all the other travel and interest articles etc. They are taking up a lot of space in my file cabinet and I never look at them. I've been looking for a way to scan them all into my computer and still be able to search though them and still look at them graphically. While Adobe Bridge works well to inspect files and works decently for adobe files, it doesn't handle other files as well. Also, I couldn't do my searches as I like. Being able to tag files (or assets as they are called here.) and search by assets, it's well worth the price of the product.


so glad you like it - it's completely changed the way I work, I'm fully digital now.
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