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Friday, September 01, 2006

hand and needle felting 1st try

Lettuce Knit

I had brought some roving when I was in Tokyo when I got swayed by the idea of needle felting. However, I also wanted to hand felt and the roving I had was too little to make some of the things I wanted to.

The benefit of hand felting is that you can make a lot of no texture materials unlike when you felt a knitted or crochet material. I was at lettuce knit over the weekend and saw that they had a nice selection of roving for spinning. I had to buy some. I was so happy to see that they've also got the Fleece Artist Roving. They had it in the purple and blue colorways and I wasn't so interested in the colours. The prices were good, not perfect, but I can't wait until they have new stock and I'll get to see if I find more colours I like. So I went home with some neutral tones of nearly white and brown.

I had a chunk of time and decided to jump right into the process. Again, I'm attempting to learn this using Japanese books and so it's challenging to try to decipher from the photos what exactly you are supposed to be doing. I think I did well enough and managed to make up my very first piece.

It was fun in a very experimental kind of way. As I had read on craftster.org, you will manage to stab yourself with the needle at some point. I did and it hurt, but wasn't the end of the world. At least I didn't bleed on my work. I think you can get too into the stabbing motions.


What is it? You asked? It's a pda/blackberry holder, and it's on it's way to a special someone now :)


AHHHHHH I just got it today!!!!! Thank you so much!! It is so cute, and I do have a blackberry to put in it now! Fits perfectly! Thank you!!!!!!! What a wonderful surprise. Now whenever I pull out my blackberry for work the pain will be lessened by thoughts of you! :)
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