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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a stroll in downtown Toronto

Downtown is getting a bit of a make over for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The lamp posts are getting painted and the front doors of the Intercontinental are getting fixed up. I saw on the news that Four Seasons is renovating their suites for the Hollywood VIPs coming up North of the 44.

I don't know if this is typical since I don't head downtown often during the weekend, but this past Saturday it was bustling and full of activity and there was the 'tourist' vibe in the air with people holding maps and taking photos and enjoying the overcast but not too hot day. I was joining them for the day. I met Patty for lunch and went on to run some errands and hang out. I even brought along the camera to make sure I get shots of some of my favorite stores.

On the knitting note:

I don't use the transit as much as I used to in NY, but at least when I do use it here, I knit and get totally absorbed. Saturday, I took the sock on the transit ride and it wasn't until it was at my transfer point did I look up and RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, was another knitter. She looked in her teens, working fast on something red. I couldn't tell what it was since she put it away quickly when the train came to a stop and I was so in shock, I didn't get out the camera for a photo. And when we were all walking out and I had my socks in dpns in my hand, she looked at me and I think she was in shock as well.


Thanks for the wonderful photos of Toronto. We lived there for a year in the 80s. Also used the subway, but did not knit much then!
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