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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I decided that I'll start a new cross-stitch project after my big finish. With no piece in mind, I start going through the stash. At one point, G says to me: Just how much stash do you have? Me: Well, not too much, but enough that now I'm finish one project, I'm looking in my stash instead of heading out to a store. G: Are you saying that you've got as much as a store? Me: uh... no. Not even close to as much stash as a store. But there was that moment of panic, in case he'd say something about too much stash... In any case, I have managed to pull out every pattern stash wise. I've been tempted by many designs, but many, are too intimating to start since they are big. I try to remind myself that I'll need another big project to work on. But it's not working since the voices in my head is reminding me that I've got another 'big project' to work on. (The Sampler Gameboard).

So, as of right now, no new start. ... I keep eyeing the sampler gameboard:


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