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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Crochet = numb thumb

I was staring down at a small ball of left over yarn. I couldn't do a swatch with it. There was very little left and I decided at that moment to pick up my crochet hook, and to teach myself to crochet with Japanese Books. I can't read Japanese, but the pictures should be enough. [Mind you, I do HAVE crochet instructions in ENGLISH.]

An hour later and I've got the basic chain stitch down. I could do a regular stitch, increase and decrease. It was going well. My right wrist and thumb however have become numb and tingled. It's NOT good. I had to put my play swatches down and rest. I figure I couldn't get much progress if I have nothing to work on, so I get out a ball of left over yarn and a pattern. The pattern is in a round and before I knew it, in my second session, I've totally lost track of where I am going around and around. My thumb was numb and tingled again.

Me: I can't crochet!! G: You're such a baby. What makes you think you can sit down and crochet in one day? You have to do it a little at a time and build up some crochet muscles.

He then rubs my thumb until the feeling comes back. I rip it all out and will try it again. Maybe I'll find another pattern not in a round to work on. But despite the numbness, technically I did learn the basic stitches of crochet in one day. I'm very intrigued with the fact that it can create 3D shapes so easily.

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