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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Creativ Festival

For the first time in ages, I found classes at the Creativ Festival (formerly creative sewing and needlework festival) that I want to attend. Fall Show this year is October 19 - 22 and I just signed up for some knitting classes on cables. Since I do enjoy cables quite a lot, I decided to go all out on it. I'm taking two different cable classes, one from Lily Chin and one from Fiona Ellis. Would be interesting to compare the styles of the two classes.

There is a large trade show floor full of shops. In the past years I've been more and more disappointed in the quality/types of shops at the show. I usually go to the show for the needlework (It used to be that I could only shop for cross stitch at one of these shows, but at least now, I can get to a store now and then.), but in the past years that's been down. So much so that they've changed the name of the show! I expect this time to be no different. However, being the knitting town Toronto is, I am hoping to get a nice range of yarn showcases. I do hope at least one or two needlework shops show up and I'll be entertained enough by the knitting and not be too distracted by the endless scrapbook tables. To be honest, I found it so disappointing that I've sworn off going to the show at all. However, some interesting classes will change my mind. I'm all hopeful again.

I'll report back in a couple of months!

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