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Sunday, July 30, 2006

unsatisfactory project completion

I took a few days off from knitting given the most recent setback. I decided that I needed a cross stitch break and best yet, a simple quick project. So I went into my stash and found the Shepherd's Bush Spooky Sheep. It was started on Thursday night and put down after a few stitches. On Friday, I picked it up and it was done before I knew it. (Even managed to play video games and stitch... that's now easy it was.)

Here's the completed project: Spooky Sheep

I followed the directions of 1 thread of silk over two threads of fabric and it was a mistake. I should have listen to my instincts and went with two over two. In any case, it's done, but as you can see, it's a little too little coverage for my liking. At one point, I went and did two over two on the sheep since I couldn't take it anymore. Sheep now looks strangely uneven. But when G asked why I don't go back to fix it. (since usually I would.) "I don't love the pattern enough for the extra work. It's done. Whatever."

I haven't started a new xs even though I was left unsatisfied. I did however go put some stitches on the Eiffel Tower piece I was working on.


From your picture, I think it looks fine. You can just say you were going for a shading thing. :) Come on start a new project -- you know you're just dying to.
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