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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Research turns into purchase

Romni is having a 20% sale off everything for the month of July. I decided to get out of the house today and go for a visit. I wanted to find out if they carried some yarns that I was looking for, for future projects and also wanted to get some prices jotted down. Was planning on coming out with perhaps a skein or two of Manos (on sale, no less) to add into my afghan and maybe a few skeins of sock yarns given the sale price.

What I ended up doing was finding out that there's no distributer for Artful Yarns or Classic Elite in Canada and Romni is going to stop carrying one of my favorite sock yarn lines: DGB. So, they had a lot of the sock yarns in the downstairs discount yarn section. As DGB is distributed by Phildar, I asked about that too and was told that they will also stop carrying them in the future as they don't sell well here. Not surprising but very disappointing to me. I guess I just have to make sure to get the Phildar that I want/need whenever I get a chance to go to France. Whenever that is.

So, with the 20% discount on top of the discounted yarn prices, I walked out with 20 skeins of DGB sock yarn and one skein of Manos. I think I did very well. Many many pairs of socks in my future and it'll be a lot of fun to make them as well. I look forward to it.


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