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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Photos on order

Since I've been home from the holiday, I've been working really hard on sorting, editing, picking out from our photos. I think the rough estimate is that I started out with about 1300 of our photos in a mix of mostly digital but also B&W, colour positives and colour negatives. Why so many photos? Well, first of all, I love to take photos and I honestly expect a good number of them to be thrown out, and I really like to experiment with different ways to take the same scene. But may be best explained by this:

M and G taking photos

We were lucky to have gone at the same time as other friends because we were all going to attend mutual friend's wedding. So for the first time, we had taken a holiday where exploring the city with friends was part of the itinerary. Other than fun, the other benefit is that when you forgot your camera, someone else has theirs and while you are usually unable to take photos of yourself, your friends are there to take photos of you. Why do we never use the timer feature on the camera I can't figure out.

Eating dumplings in Taipei Tokyo

After working many weekends and weeknights on both our photos and those we needed from our friends' cameras, the resultant set of photos have been uploaded to snapfish. It is my absolute favorite place to get my photos developed online since their prices are fantastic and the prints are great. G and I went to Picture Me on Cumberland St. and got 3 albums for the trip photos and memorabilia. Enough room for the 1000 or so photos and 'stuff' to make up the photo albums.

Photos were ordered today from snapfish, and should get here next week or so, and then we'll slowly work on the album. Eventually, we'll have beautiful albums to look at and it's a good way for us to enjoy the holiday for longer.

All my film from the trip was photo-finished and scanned at Downtown Camera and they did a great job on them. While it's far for me to go, I'm definitely planning on heading back to them to get other photofinishing done.

All photos in today's blog were taken by our friends Lenore and Aaron. Thanks!


great pics of you guys May!
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