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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The next skill

In the past year I've been working on learning new knitting skills. Ever since the Knitting Olympics, I've made many pairs of socks and have learned a few different techniques:

Lately I've been looking for the next technique to learn and I've decided that it's going to be Color Knitting. It's time to mix it up with some colours. I've got some articles on that and some knitting books. Here's hoping I can get it figured out. Intersia, Fair-Isle, no idea what style I'll work on. But it's time to have more than one colour in a row!

This recent transition to new skills in knitting reminds me of the time in my life not long ago when I was stitching only in cross stitch and decided to tackle speciality stitches. Somehow though, speciality stitches seems easier to learn, but then again, it's probably because I had fellow stitching friends to encourage me. That reminds me, I've not been working on any pieces with specialty stitches for a while. Maybe it's time to have a new start there too! Must resist...


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