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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Denial is a terrible thing

I've been knitting a lot on my sweater, the end was in sight. I was abandoning all other projects for the sake of finishing my sweater. I think I knew what I had to do sometime last week. The body of the sweater looks small. I tired it on. I measured. I measure again. But I kept on knitting. Getting closer and closer to finishing. This is called denial.

Sign. Today, I could no longer do it. The sweater is 2 inches too short in width. So, I spent my lunch hour(s) ripping it all out. The pattern says to shape the neck hole to be 12 inches wide with 4 inches on either side and you'll have a 20 inch wide body. All in all, logical. But somehow, when neck hole is 12 inches, and shoulders are 4 inches, the body is not 20 inches! I believe I'm measuring it not in the way the pattern intended. Here's the before: before ripping

So, I rip it all up and wind up all the yarn. I carefully pick up all the stitches, picking up the stitches match up the rows on the two sides, front and back and I end up with this: half a sweater

Now, I've got to re-knit the half of the sweater again. It's a worthwhile pain I'm sure. Yes, it's like the pain that comes from going to the gym (not that I've been doing that.) Good pain.
I think.

PS - Yes, I did just notice that in my 'carefully' picking up of stitches photo, I'm splitting a stitch. I assure you that was quickly rectified but I was too lazy to take another photo. You must forgive my [understandable] lack of logic in the moment. It almost made me wish I was a drinking person.


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