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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wishing I was travelling

Was reading SubwayKnitter today and it got me wishing I could be in Boston checking out these ducks in person.
My friend Dave is travelling soon on a holiday and he'll be passing by Washington DC. This just reminded me that my last photo trip was in March of last year to see the Cherry Blossoms. I'll be missing it this year.
Jenny is in Paris for the next two weeks or so and wrote about cafe creme and a croque monsieur today. This got me wanting a 'creme' and a 'croque madame' myself.

Tried to answer the question from yesterday about which sock pattern to do. Tried to swatch today and came to the wonderful (being sarcastic here) realization that I can't do either of them, my dpns are the wrong size for this fine yarn and I need to find needles. Went to Passionknits and instead of getting needles, I got little service (no one was in the store either, which is NOT good) and they only sold dbns in 4s not 5s (which is what I wanted.) So, walked out with only a couple accessories that I was looking for, u shaped cable holders to try and 'stoppers' for the end of my needles since I lost my other ones. I'm not satisfied, but at least I did get something.

So, no knitting to tame my wanderlust. I'll just have to make do with doing a bunch of reading for my work. Yes I do know that, working != travelling and working != knitting.


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